Student Programs and Initiatives

The Lincoln Center has supported several clubs and student-led initiatives. The Center has worked closely student organizations including the Honor Council, the International Development Association and Net Impact.



The Honor Council

This is the principal student organization responsible for fostering ethical behavior on campus, works with the Lincoln Center to recruit quality leadership in order to strengthen its impact on campus. Honor Council events include Ethics Day—a semi-annual event that brings the issues of ethics and integrity into focus, and The Charles Olin Norton Ethics Lecture Series—bringing senior executives to campus.

The International Development Association

The International Development Association is the campus organization focused on fostering sustainable prosperity among the poorest 80 percent of the world’s population. The Lincoln Center has supported the Association in a variety of events including their Microfinance Conference held in spring of 2006.

Net Impact

Net Impact is a global network that seeks to create a corps of “future leaders” committed to the idea that ethical business practices can improve the world. The Lincoln Center has been working with the leaders of this student organization to achieve their goals, including the Sustainable Innovation Summit, an even that draws MBA teams from around the world to address real-business issues pertaining to social responsibility and sustainability.