Publications and Student Research

The Lincoln Center strives to include students in all of the research initiatives that are undertaken. These efforts include case writing, consultative projects and academic research.

The Center pursued the development of seven teaching cases, including Grameen Foundation USA, Tyco International and Timberland. Ongoing projects include student research into Business-NGO partnerships with Mercy Corps. As part of this effort, the Center led a team of students to the Business NGO-Partnership Conference in New York City and arranged for the students to attend the conference, free of charge, and to meet with corporate representatives.

On the academic front, the Lincoln Center produced the following four academic publications:

  1. Unruh, Gregory, Prospective Voluntary Agreements for Escaping Techno-Institutional Lock-in, Ecological Economics 57, 2006 (with Totti Könnölä)
  2. Unruh Gregory, Really changing the course: the limitations of environmental management systems for innovation, Business Strategy and the Environment, March 2006 (with Totti Könnölä)
  3. Unruh, Gregory, An Evolutionary Model of Technological Stability and Change, Journal of Economic Issues (with Javier Carrillo, in press)
  4. Unruh, Gregory, US Business NGO Conference Report, Ethical Corporation