Global Citizenship

Global Citizenship has been part of Thunderbird since the school's inception in 1946. After World War II, the school's founders recognized that enterprise and commerce could help foster a more peaceful and equitable world.

Today, the school continues to promote the role of business management dedicated to the creation of sustainable prosperity worldwide. 

At Thunderbird, Global Citizenship is an umbrella for all the activities on campus related to professional ethics, corporate social responsibility and sustainability. These include institutional activities related to curriculum, research and outreach and student-led activities driven by the student government and extracurricular clubs.

Click on the following links to read more about the centers of Global Citizenship at Thunderbird:

Institutional Activities

Student-led Activities

  • Honor Council
  • Net Impact
  • International Development Association
  • Thunderbird Cares

Global Citizenship Initiatives

  • Project Artemis
  • Thunderbird Sustainable Innovation Summit
  • The Thunderbird Oath of Professional Honor
  • Global Citizenship - Video Clip