Lincoln Center for Ethics

Lincoln Center for Ethics in Global Management

"Good ethics is good business. When we instill solid ethical practices in students at Thunderbird, they become better managers and are in greater demand by recruiters." - David Lincoln, Co-founder Lincoln Center 

The Impact of Ethics

If companies can rely on the integrity of their managers, they need not be concerned with the devastation that ethical collapses could cause. This is particularly important at Thunderbird because our graduates enter a global environment. The longer distances, combined with cultural differences, make it vital that companies be able to rely on the integrity of their remotely located managers.

As an institutional center of Global Citizenship at Thunderbird, the Lincoln Center is involved in all campus activities related to ethics, corporate social responsibility and the creation of sustainable economic prosperity worldwide. These efforts include academic program development and coursework, research and public outreach as well as support for student-led initiatives.

The Lincoln Center Mission

Dedicated to instilling the value of ethics and global citizenship in all Thunderbird graduates.

The Lincoln Center Vision

That the denomination of “Thunderbird” be synonymous with highest levels of integrity and character worldwide.

The Principles for Responsible Management Education

The United Nations Global Compact spearheaded a critically important global initiative to advance corporate social responsibility by challenging and engaging business schools worldwide to align their core educational and research activities with the Principles for Responsible Management Education.

Thunderbird played a key role in the development of the Principles and was among the first signatories. Through the work of our faculty, staff and students, and under the leadership of Thunderbird’s Lincoln Center for Ethics in Global Management, the PRME are coming to life already in several meaningful ways. View Thunderbird’s PRME activity report.

Center Initiatives

Academic Program Development

Coursework Opportunities
The Lincoln Center pursues multiple initiatives to integrate professional ethics and global citizenship into the academic programs at Thunderbird.

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Thunderbird Institutional Activities

Efforts Across Campus
Along with strengthening the curriculum and pedagogy of ethics education, the Lincoln Center supports several institutional initiatives within diverse departments on campus.

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Student Programs and Initiatives

Student- Organized Initiatives
The Lincoln Center has supported several clubs and student-led initiatives.

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Publications and Student Research

Hands-on Participation
The Lincoln Center strives to include students in all of the research initiatives that are undertaken.

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Global Citizenship

Global Citizenship
Global Citizenship has been part of Thunderbird since the school's inception in 1946.

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